How to Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend – The 5 “R” Steps to Get Her Back

By: Frankie Cola

Your Girlfriend Broke Up With You

You might have lost the love of your life – and realized it too late.
No one can understand how devastated you feel and it’s hard to put
it into words. Sometimes you can’t even get up from bed. It’s as if
all the color in your life suddenly turned to gray.

Although you are currently devastated, there is hope. My name is
Frankie Cola, and I’ve spent lots of time studying the dynamics of
relationships, the emotions that we feel, and female psychology.

I will show you how to create attraction with women so that
you learn how to get back with your ex girlfriend.

Make sure you pay attention because this is a sensitive process.
It requires lots of patience, passion, and dedication.

If you want to get back with your ex girlfriend. There are 5 Steps
that are critical to getting her back.

We will go through them together to get you back on your feet towards
a great life filled with positivity.

Before we do anything, make a pact to yourself that you will commit
to your mission of not only getting your girlfriend back, but also
commit to adding value to your life.

Value in your life enhances your state of mind and it is the key
to eliminating needy-ness and creating  attraction. So don’t
ignore this.

5 Steps to Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend

1. Recover

This is where many guys blow it. Before you do anything, it is
absolutely critical that you stop yourself from sending your ex
girlfriend texts like “I miss you,” “I want you back,” or any long
text that pours out your feelings for her.

Your ex girlfriend will be turned off by this needy behavior and the
chances of getting her back will PLUNGE.

Even though your mind is racing with emotions, it is important to
cut yourself off from her so that you start towards recovery as soon
as possible.

Soon after starting the no contact phase, your mind starts to recover
from the pain of the break up. Maybe it isn’t permanent and negative
emotions periodically flood back into your mind, but it is important
to notice why you feel better when you do, and why you start feeling
bad when you are reminded of her.

This article explains how to feel better after a break up. You’ll
learn a few tips how to control your feelings to limit and a
concept I call the butterfly effect of negative emotions.

2. Reflect

Now that you have a clear mind, you are more able to ponder about
why your break up happened. Was it something she did? Was there an
incompatibility issue? And most importantly, was it something you did?

I say most importantly, not to put blame on you, but because your
thoughts and behavior is what you have complete control of, and
if you focus on your behavior, you can control your success by
creating the right habits in your life.

(learn why she broke up with you and how )

3. Reform

Before you try to get back with your ex girlfriend, you have to
reform yourself such that you are happy with yourself first.

The precise way of doing this is by working on your self-esteem
and your lifestyle habits.

You will learn about creating social momentum by surrounding
yourself with friends. This abundance of value is what fills
up your self-esteem buckets to make you feel happy with yourself,
and even if your single.

This article shows you action steps you can take, right now, to boost your
self-esteem and improve yourself after breaking up.

4. Re-initiate Contact

If you want to create attraction in your ex girlfriend, you’ve got to take it easy.

When most men try to get their ex back, they screw up BIG TIME.
One of the deadliest mistakes you can make is focusing too much on
“making her your girlfriend” again.

If you are too attached to “making it official”, you’re fighting a losing battle.
You have to be willing to have indifference in the outcome.

Be OK with the fact that she’s your friend. See the positive in the
situation. Remember that you already have abundance in your life and
that you have other options if you don’t get back together with your ex.

With this in mind, picture a possible rejection without feeling bad about it.
Think to yourself “it’s ok, because I have other options.” Once you can
imagine a future rejection and be ok with it ,(and not even seeing it as a rejection),
then you can communicate with your ex in a non-needy way.

Having this “abundance mindset” will make your behavior more ATTRACTIVE.
You will project confidence, and you’ll find yourself joking around and having fun.

To re-initiate contact, you must keep it simple. Send her a holiday text, a birthday text, or
just an inside joke that might make her smile.

The purpose of this communication is just to get in her mind. It’s just to say hi.
Think “this holiday greeting, or this inside joke is my way of saying hi.”

That means you don’t have to have a full conversation. A couple texts is fine.

Keep it simple and light.

(learn more about first contact and how to re attract her again)

5. Recreate-Attraction

The trick to recreating attraction is to recreate the same frame of mind you
had when you first met her. Do you remember how you flirted and how you
first communicated with her?

Remember this character and try to have the same attitude. If it worked once,
there’s a good chance it will work again. (Read more about creating attraction in your ex)

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However, if you just want to get her back because you have a sense of loss,
then I don’t recommend you apply the techniques that are revealed there.
You’ll just end up hurting her and that’s just mean. So whatever decision
you choose to take, I wish the best for you. Hope you make the right choice.

All the best,