How Can I Get Back My Ex Girlfriend

Breaking up with your girlfriend can leave you hurt and broken.
This gives rise to a myriad of negative feelings like anger,
jealousy, and revenge. Therefore, the first thing you should do
when you ask “how can I get back my ex girlfriend” is to look at
the situation from outside of your feelings. Look at your relationship
from an outsider’s point of view. It helps you think straight and cool.
In order to do this, you need to create space by not contacting
her for a while.

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Instill a Frame of Positivity By Keeping Your Hopes Up:

This is essential to counterbalance all the negativity outflowing
from the break up. Things can still work out and your ex might still
have feelings for you. After all, it is impossible to not miss a
person after breaking up.

Most likely, your ex has at least a bit of feelings for you. If you
were the one that dumped her, there’s a good chance she still has
feelings for you. She might also be angry at you – which only
confirms that she has feelings.

If she was the one that dumped you, you should take this time of
reflection to figure out what went wrong. Your plan of action to
get her back varies depending on what went wrong. Were you too
needy/clingy? Did you cheat on her? Did she cheat on you? Was there
too much arguing? Figure this out.

Learn to Let Go:

When somebody you’re attached to lets you down. It almost always
damages your confidence and lowers your self-esteem. It is easy to
blame yourself and feel you didn’t do enough of something.
ACCEPT the fact that mistakes are human. There’s nothing you can
do about the past. Any stress directed towards the past or the
future gives you suffering because it’s beyond your control.
With this in mind, the decision you must do right now is to LET GO
of the negative feelings coming out of your mistakes.

Action Step:

Write down these mistakes and their associated feelings.
When you objectify feelings by writing them down, it makes them
logical and it helps to take the negative EMOTION out of it.

Think Towards the Future:

After you write down your mistakes, save them in a notebook
and in your mind so that you don’t repeat them in the future.

Look Into Past Behavior That Worked:

Your girlfriend was attracted to you for a reason. Think about how
you felt and how you acted when you first met her. Remember her
positive reactions to you. Use this to attract her again and remind
her of your character to make her miss you.

Don’t Pour Your Heart Out:

Some guys tend to pour their heart out over a very long text or
they write their girl a long love letter telling her all they feel
for her. This is desperate needy behavior that will push her away.

The solution to needy-ness is abundance. When you are busy with
friends, hobbies, and girl-dates, you don’t have time to focus your
mind on one particular girl.

Strength is Attractive:

Women feel attraction for independent, strong men. Whining and
seeking sympathy will only make you less attractive. It will turn
her off faster than a light switch. Don’t do it!

Give her some signals:

It is very likely that she misses you as badly as you are missing
her right now. Knowing girls, she isn’t going to be the one to
approach you. YOU have to make the first step. Make plans and tell
her she can keep you company. This may possibly light a spark in
her heart. A wave of feelings will hit her once again.

When you hang out, aim for a good time. Lots of laughing and good,
plain, fun. You have done it before, you can do it again!

However, remember to not be clingy. Don’t mention the past, don’t
ask her about her feelings for you, and don’t ask about the state
of the relationship. This only shows your emotions are dependent
on the answers to those questions. Remember, you are an independent
man that WANTS her, but doesn’t NEED her – because you have other
options as well.

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