How to Get a Girl Back That You Love

Breaking up with your girl is depressing and difficult to handle.
It leads you to regret past actions you may have done and it makes
you wonder how the relationship could have gone. You may now be
thinking on how to get a girl back that you love.

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Your main question might be “how do I make her love me again?”
and “How do I make things work this time around?”

These questions should be thought about carefully. Careful reflection
leads to a more effective plan to get a girl that you love back.

Did you dump her because you need space, but now you’re done being
an astronaut. You had all the space you wanted and want to get back
together with your ex girlfriend. It won’t be that easy. She may
still be bitter because you left her. You have to understand that
she felt it as a slap to the face. No matter how many times you say
“it’s not you, it’s me”, her feelings got hurt and she somehow feels
as if she’s not good enough. Don’t expect her to be so welcoming at
first. Accept that.

Be Consistent

Telling her that you need space one day and hanging out with her
for an hour the next day will only confuse her. It will takes away
the validity of your concern. It is important to back up your talk
with your walk and make sure to not contact her when you say you

Another good reason to not contact her is the fact that she isn’t
emotionally ready to discuss things. She may be hurt or angry.
This space that you give yourself (and her) will allow her to recover

Once the time has passed, explain to her why you needed space. Be
100% honest. Let her know that she isn’t at fault. You want to show
her that you care about her feelings. Assure her that you’ve worked
things out. When she begins to understand this, she will start to
trust you little by little and let you in her life.

You Dumped Her For Another Girl, But Now Want Her Back

This one is tricky because you are dealing with self-worth. The last
thing a girl wants to hear is that she got dumped because another
girl was better than her(she will feel this way. The bitterness she
is feeling right now is unmatched.

Even with this, you can still get her back. It is important to go
through a no-contact phase of at least 2 weeks. Then call her
up and tell her to meet up with you. If she doesn’t answer, it’s ok.
Wait a few days and then try again. Act friendly and remember, she
probably feels worse than you.

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The goal of your talk is to apologize and admit any fault. This is the
time to take your ego out of the equation. Be completely honest and
admit any mistake. She might not seem to accept your apology at
first. Accept that trust has to build over time.

When you learn how to get a girl back that you love, being patient is
always a virtue. Remember that giving her space not only helps both
of you recover, but it gives her the gift of missing you.