How to Improve Yourself After Breaking Up With Your Girlfriend

Step 3 – Reform

In part 3 of this article series, you’ll learn how to improve
yourself after breaking up with your girlfriend.

If you’re here, that means you’ve gone through initial recovery.
You’ve also reflected on what went wrong. Meaning you have an idea
of what went wrong to end your relationship.

With the knowledge of what went wrong, you might also have an idea
of what you did right to get your girlfriend attracted to you in the
first place – and you can definitely attract her again.

Make sure you don’t only think about what went wrong, but learn the
secret to why your relationship won’t work again – unless you avoid
this mistake that most couples make.  Learn it in this video.

Think about the first time you met her. What did you act like?

Remember the character you had – how you talked to her or how you
teased her when you first started to date. You probably had more of
an indifference to how the interaction would turn out. This allowed
you to relax more.

Your goal is to re-attract your woman with this same character
so you can recreate the same attraction. This video shows you
how to create the old attraction you used to have so that your
girl gets magnetically drawn to you again.

Before you do this, you must reform yourself by creating lots
and lots of abundance all around you.

Think of the period of time before you met your ex-girlfriend.
How much did you hang out with your friends? Chances are, more
often than right now.

You had more social momentum back then, and you need to build it
back up. One component of reform is to refill your social life
once again with abundance

Below, I list possible ways to create abundance of value in your

Some of these might spark an idea in your mind and I recommend
you take out a paper and pencil and write down any (or any variation
of these) that you think will make your life better.

Action Steps to Improve Yourself – Create Value in Your Life:

– Create a habit of meeting up with your friends, at a certain place,
at least once a week.

– Develop a routine of playing a pickup sport with your buddies.
It doesn’t have to be super competitive. A simple frisbee toss in the
park gets you socializing (and good-feeling endorphins pumping).

– Going to the gym with a gym buddy also works. Working out is good
in general because it arranges the “chemistry” inside of you in a
way that makes you feel better and more like a man.

– Meeting up for pub-trivia with your buddies once a week.

– Swing Dancing: they usually have a free beginner’s class at the
beginning of a friday night event. (I really recommend any dancing
because it allows you to interact with women intimately)

– is a great site to find people that share similar hobbies.

– Get into the habit of talking to attractive women. It boosts your confidence
and gives you more options in your mind.

Remember, scarcity of value in your mind leads to needy-ness and
unattractive behavior. Inject abundance of value into it, and a lot of it
goes away. Not only will you be attractive to friends and your ex girlfriend,
but you’ll be surprised at the girls that will randomly start talking to you
“out of the blue.”

I hope you now have an idea of how to improve yourself after breaking up
with your girlfriend.

If you want to show your ex girlfriend you’ve improved yourself, and
you want to do it in a very effective way that gets her wanting you back
in her life, then make sure you watch this video now.

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