How to Re Attract Her Again – Creating Attraction in Your Ex Girlfriend

You’re probably wondering how to re attract her again. Creating
attraction in your ex girlfriend is the same as creating attraction
in any other girl, except you have the advantage of knowing this
girl. She is special to you.


It probably has been a while since your last interaction with your ex.

The last time had you communicated with her must have been filled with
negative emotions and pain, but you are now reformed and centered with
yourself in a way that eliminates any remaining bitterness. In fact,
this strength in your mind is attractive as you project this strength with
your happy, confident energy.

She will sense this attraction and it is possible that her feelings
will be rekindled.

Even so, you must not rush. You definitely don’t want to scare her
off with an urgency to be official with her again.

Remember, you WANT her, but you don’t NEED her.

There is a step-by-step method to re attract your ex and get her
back into your arms, this video explains it.

Just like the Earth and all the other planets orbiting the sun, you
might feel dependent on a girl’s opinion of you. You want to cut
loose and be your OWN sun. Let your ex girlfriend and the other
girls be the planets that orbit around you.

Initiate Softly

Take the lead by sending the first message. There’s a good chance
that being in no contact is making her miss you a ton, yet even
then she’s not going to contact you first. It is in her nature.

When you take the initiative, start simple. Send her a text during
her birthday or holidays. Something simple that might make her smile.
Think of an inside joke and tell her something reminded you of her.

Treat her as a good friend you haven’t seen in a while. This initial
act of communication will be enough to bring some rapport.

Don’t worry about having a full conversation. A few messages will
be good enough to get on her “radar.”

Go on with your life and wait a few days before talking to her again.
During this time, she might message you “out of the blue.” It shows
she’s been thinking about you..possibly wondering if you’re thinking
about her too.

However, she’s still not sure because of your casual and playful

How to Reignite Her Past Feelings For You

If you want to start creating attraction in your ex girlfriend,
you have to go way back in your memory bank.

Think of how you acted when you first met your girl. Think of the
things you said, or the moments that made her smile and you had a
good feeling she liked you.

This is the CHARACTER you must bring back. It is already in you.
But maybe something is hindering it. Maybe you need to let lose
and have a bit more fun.

Whatever it is, figure it out. If done right, it will re create
the attraction she once had for you.

If you want a highly successful system that teaches you how to re
attract her again, watch this video that shows you how to attract
her back into your life.

Only do this if you’re serious. If you just feel a sense of loss,
then this isn’t for you, but if you think you blew your chances with
the girl you love, then watch this video now.