I Miss My Ex Girlfriend So Much it Hurts – 3 Steps to do When You Miss Your Ex Girlfriend

You might have broken up with your girlfriend, but it’s not the final
end. Many times the break-up is just a “short break.” Love can be funny.
It has its seasons and its reasons. It takes its risks and takes its time.

Relationships go through break ups or short breaks for a reason. If you
say, “I miss my ex girlfriend so much it hurts”, then you might go for a
second chance.

Do You Still Want Her Back?

After a break up, the person closest to you is not around you anymore
so you feel an emptiness in your life. It is natural to miss your ex
now that you are apart. At first, you’ll miss her so much that it hurts.

A while after the break up, you may start to miss her less. This is when
you occupy your mind with other things such as friends, work, hobbies,
and other girls.

If you still miss your ex girlfriend several weeks later, then she
really must be special…and it’s time to do something about it…

Now you’ve made your decision to get your ex girlfriend back…
so it’s time to go over the specific steps that will take you there.

Here they are…

What to do When You Miss Your Ex Girlfriend (3 Steps)

1. Initial No Contact is Critical

Give her some time to cool off. If you contact your ex immediately
after the break up, she would have seen you at your worst – with your
emotions flowing rampantly. She will see you as desperate or loss.
This is why you should wait a while before contacting your ex girlfriend.

Don’t contact her at all. No texting, calling, emailing, or even asking
her friends about her. This is complete radio silence. During this time
is when you work on your self-esteem and build it back to where it was

After a while, your ex will start to miss you. She might even contact you
wondering what you’ve been up to.

While this tactic might sound very simple, it’s designed to get
your ex thinking about you when you’re not around.

This is because being less attainable makes you more attractive.

The more she misses you when you’re apart, the higher the chance
she’ll call you.

2. Re-Build Your Self-Esteem

Few things will deflate your self-esteem as much as breaking up with
your girlfriend. In most cases, men have to elevate their self-image
before any valid attempt at reigniting the embers of their relationship.

If you are successful with school, work, a hobby, or any other area of
your life, use it to your advantage. The goal is to gain confidence by
achieving success in other areas of life. Not only is it critical that
you heal by focusing on other things that aren’t your girlfriend, but
the confidence you gain will be transfered to getting your gf back.

3. Identify The Problem

During the time you allow yourself to heal, you now have a clear
mind to ponder what went wrong in your relationship.

Think about her good and bad qualities. Also think about things you
could have handled better. Be 100% honest with yourself.

Are you willing to put the effort to fix this relationship?

You both broke up because something was wrong in your relationship.
Something was clearly wrong with one (or both) of you. It doesn’t
mean you should play the blame game. There’s no use worrying about
the past. However, you should use this to pinpoint the reason for
your split.

Try to identify an exact problem. The clearer you are, the easier
it’ll be to work out. Take this time to make improvements to yourself.
They can be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. Improvements
that can help with negative habits.

Not only will these improvements help this relationship, but it
can help future relationships and other aspects of your personal life.

But I can hear you still saying “I miss my ex girlfriend so much it hurts…”
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You will end up hurting her if you have a change of heart…and that’s just mean.

Whatever you choose to take, I wish the best for you.
Hope you make the right choice.

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