Why Did My Girlfriend Break Up With Me

Step 2 – Reflect

Ask yourself “why did my girlfriend break up with me?”

If this was a hollywood movie, this is the part when the colonel
debriefs the soldiers after a losing battle. Then they learn from
their mistakes, and prepare to learn the skills and tactics they
need to victoriously accomplish their MISSION.

This is when the Rocky theme song starts blasting and you start to
get motivated.

In this section, you will learn concepts that will help you, not
only with the troubles of this relationship, but for the rest of
your life.

You’ll learn what makes you weak or strong, and you’ll get a good
internalized “feel” of what is going on in your mind and your
ex girlfriend’s mind.

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she was the one who broke up.

Let’s start off…

You just split with your girlfriend and now you’re in distress or
even depressed. This is a big hit to your self-esteem.

Formula: Self-Esteem = Confidence + Well-Being

Your break up probably hurt your ego (it’s ok, this is natural).
It also results in a lowering of your confidence.

Similarly, your girl also gave you nurturing well-being
(this is joy and warm motherly feelings in your tummy..etc).
She’s gone, and you lost that warm stream of well-being.

Your goal now is to rebuild that self-esteem.

Learn Why She Broke Up With You

Think about why the break up happened. Did you leave her or did she
leave you? Was it mutual? If she left you then there’s a good chance
you were doing something wrong.

One of the most common mistakes I see men make is becoming clingy
and needy towards a woman.

When a guy is clingy or needy, it is a sign of a “hole” in his self-esteem.

It might be a very tiny hole, but within the emotions of a relationship,
that hole gets “magnified.”

I can remember making the same mistakes over and over again back
when I was starting to interact and “have relationships” with women.

Somehow, I would end up being dependent on the girl in my mind. If
she texted back, I felt good, if she didn’t..I’d get worried.

This would typically end in a “let’s just be friends” speech.

If I asked myself, “why did my girlfriend break up with me?” I would
give the same answer – I was too needy.

How did I fix it? You can probably guess…Abundance.

View Her Perspective

Try to understand what she wants.

If she has ever mentioned any of the following phrases…

“I just need a break..”
“I need sometime to work on myself..”
“I can’t really be in a relationship right now..”

…then these are signals that she wants some freedom.
These are typical reactions of a girl to a guy becoming very clingy.

If you want to learn how to make her forget your needy mistakes,
watch this video now.


The more you depend on a single thing, the worse you feel when you
lose it. That’s why it is better to have lots of friends, hobbies,
and lots of potential dates. You have multiple sources for your
self-esteem. You have ABUNDANCE. Abundance is the one cure for
all scarcity issues, like needy-ness, clingy-ness and jealousy.

With this in mind, make sure to occupy your mind and actions
with your friends/work/hobbies/other girls. ESPECIALLY other girls.

Once you start directing your thoughts towards other passions, and
other females, you create an abundance that makes you more attractive
to all females, including your ex!

Abundance is just having a lot of ways to “fill up” your self-esteem.
It is like having multiple gas stations on both sides of the road, at all
times, it makes it hard for you to run out of “fuel.”

Self-esteem has two components, confidence and well being.

Formula: Self-Esteem = Confidence + Well-Being

Your break up probably hurt your ego (it’s ok, this is natural).
Since your ego is tied to your confidence, it means your confidence
tank lost some fuel.

Similarly, your girl also gave you well-being. Well-being are the nurturing gifts that
women give to us. We often experience it as warm, motherly feelings in our tummy.

Now that she’s gone, you’ve lost that warm stream of well-being.

Your goal now is to rebuild that self-esteem to reform yourself
to the best you that you’ve ever been.

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