Can’t Get Over My Ex Girlfriend – The #1 Rule to Getting Over an Ex Girlfriend and then Getting Her Back

When you get dumped by your girlfriend, there are two paths you can

The first is moving on and finding another girl that will
fully satisfy your desires with intense feelings of love and affection.

The second path is knowing the right steps to getting her back, and then
rebuild the relationship with fixed previous mistakes. That way your
new relationship with her can last a lifetime.

If your heart is definitely shouting “I can’t get over my ex girlfriend!”,
then you should clearly go for it and try to get her back.

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Rule #1 – Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend Before Anything Else

It is important to focus on getting over an ex girlfriend first. This
means getting back on your feet before taking the steps to get her back.

There are two reasons why.

1. If you instantly try to get her back right after the break up,
without first recovering, you will still be emotional and make bad

This is one of the most common mistakes guys take. They
get dumped and, right afterwards, they plead and beg to their ex to
take them back.

I know you might feel like calling or texting your ex to tell her
how much she means to you and how much you love her, but this is
only going to push her away.

Impulsively trying to “win” her back will only hurt you. Whenever
you feel like begging or whining, come back to this article and read
it again. Think to yourself, “I’ll get over my ex girlfriend first,
then I’ll get her back.”

2. You can make wiser decisions when you are free of stress.

The negative emotions of anger and anxiety can cause you to make
bad decisions that you regret. Being in a calm state frees you from
that. That’s why it’s critical that you first get over your ex girlfriend.
In addition, moving on from the pain of heartache can inspire
you to “upgrade” your mind and body to help you with your goals.

As you can see, focusing on recovery, before anything else, has a big
impact on your results and that is why you should focus on each step
in the right order. For example, the 5 stages of grief occur whenever
there is a major loss. Breaking up with the special girl of your life
is a major loss. So it is important that you correctly go through
those 5 stages to speed up the healing process.

Improving Yourself

Take this recovery time to focus on improving yourself socially
and physically. For example, make it a habit to make new friends,
or get a gym membership. Do this for YOU. Not for your ex (but she
will admire how you have improved yourself).

Additionally, improving yourself suggests that you can also improve
your past relationship with her.

When you focus on obtaining abundance in your life: hobbies, friends,
other girls – you are emotionally balanced. This means that losing
one thing will not as much of a big deal (compared to losing your gf
if she’s all that you have in your life.) You will have a certain
confidence that your ex girlfriend (and other girls) will naturally
find attractive. If you’re saying “I can’t get over my ex girlfriend!”
turn it around and say “how can I add abundance to my life?”

These habits not only improve your life, but they’re designed to get
your ex thinking about you when you are less within reach. The more
she thinks of you, the higher chance she’ll end up calling you. For
more example of how this works and how to avoid the mistakes most
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Make it Happen!