How to Feel Better After a Break Up With Your Girlfriend

Step 1 – Recovery: Go Radio Silent… For Now

In this article you’ll learn how to feel better after a break up with your girlfriend.
The first step you should do is to take a step back, and go radio silent.

It may go against all your current desires. Your heart screams to
go see her and attempt to win her back immediately – but it is only
going to hurt you in the long run.

The purpose of going “no-contact” is to recover, reflect, and reform.

First, you want to recover from the emotional hole your ex girlfriend
has left. Second – After recovering enough, center yourself and reflect on
why the relationship ended. Find a clear answer for this. Finally,
you want to reform yourself into a better emotional and physical YOU,
so that you are able to go strong and start dating (or going for your
ex) again.

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Recovering From a Break Up

Recovery starts as soon as you take her off your mind. Once you
unfocus your thoughts about her and point them to something else,
you slowly, but surely, start to feel better.

This is easy to say, but hard to do.

The Butterfly Effect of Negative Emotions

Many guys get in the habit of “obsessing” over their ex girlfriend
in their mind.

It usually starts with one thought, that maybe makes you angry or
gives you anxiety…then it evolves into another negative thought..
and so on.

Each thought creates a packet of emotional energy for you to “feel.”

I call this habit the “Butterfly Effect of Negative Emotions.”

This chain of negative emotions keeps bringing back negative
feelings of regret or anger associated with your relationship.

If you tend to fall into this loop, this will slow your recovery
process down.

That’s why you have to be CONSCIOUS of the “Butterfly Effect of
Negative Emotions.”

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Ways to Place Your Mind in Positivity

1. Make it a point to go out with friends

Sure, you might not feel like it now. Maybe you don’t think you’ll
feel any better after you do it, but being “out” with friends, puts
your mind in a different place.

Your friends are probably aiming to have fun, and it’ll transfer to you.

In addition, being in contact with people tends to relax your mind
into eliminating fear and anxiety.

2. Start Going to the Gym, or Any Type of Exercise

Whenever you start to breathe deeply, you can’t feel anxiety or
anger. It goes away (at least temporarily).

Try this: Think about an attractive girl and the possibility of
approaching her – you instantly feel anxiety.

Now take a deep breath and notice what happens. The deep breath
temporarily takes that fear away.

It is known that emotions tend to a change our breathing pattern,
so if you were to control your breathing…voila – you can limit
negative emotions.

The same applies to the gym or exercising. It FORCES you to breathe
deeply. In addition, all the endorphins flowing throughout your
body will also make you feel much better and healthy.

Recovery may take about a week or two. Once you know how to feel better
after a break up with your girlfriend, it’s time to center yourself and reflect on
why the break up occurred.

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