Free Advice On How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

You are already equipped with the right tools to fix your relationship. You know
what went wrong and who was at fault. All the information is right in your mind!
The question is, can you make use of that knowledge, or will you make the same
mistake all the other guys are making? Here is some free advice on how to get
your ex girlfriend back.

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Repeat What Worked Before

You just broke up with your girlfriend. You can’t REALLY expect her
to have feelings for you like before. However, she’s probably missing
you right now. But she isn’t super crazy about you…yet.

Therefore, your first step is to bring back the love you two had.
There are several ways to do this – just don’t overdo it.

Think of the way you acted. Your CHARACTER. How did you feel and how
did you act during the first period of your relationship with her?

Bring this back. If it’s work before, it will probably work again.
Think about the good qualities about you. Those that drove her crazy.

If your smile made her melt, innocently give her that smile while
at a party with mutual friends, or another casual setting. If it’s
an outfit that you wore, wear that!

Stop Being Needy and Clingy

You don’t have to know where she is and what she is doing every
minute of your life. Especially now that you have broken up with
her. In fact, this problem may have contributed to sinking the
relationship. Did you feel the compulsion to always call/text her?
If so, think of this break as practice to not always NEED her.

Don’t always check your phone for texts from her. Don’t check her
social profile to gather intel about guys she’s talking to. It will
only hurt you. Limit your contact with her. (The no-contact period
is essential to relationship rebirth.)

No contact will also make her wonder what you are up to. It will
re-introduce MYSTERY. When this happens, girls often get re-attracted
to their ex boyfriends. She might not even know why!

The solution to needy-ness is Abundance. *Read this article to learn why.*

When to Contact Her Again

Most guys make the mistake of immediately begging their girlfriend
to come back. This is a crucial mistake that never ends well.

It is critical to know the right time to patch up your relationship.
Don’t let time pass for too long – there’s a point when your ex starts
to miss you less. The safe answer is to give yourself enough time to
*recover and reform.*

Be the One That Initiates – and Initiate Softly

Guys take the lead, girls are passive. That is generally how it works
out. It is very likely that your ex girlfriend won’t contact you
first – even if she still misses you like crazy.

That is why you must always take the initiative. After you give her
enough space during the no-contact zone, it’s time to go in again.

Start very simple. A happy birthday text wishing her well. A happy
holidays text. Make her smile. No need to rush, pretend you two are
good friends that haven’t met in a while.

If she still has feelings for you, a simple text like that may be enough
to bring back the rapport. You don’t even have to get into a text conversation
right away. You’re just dropping a small hint that you still care about her.
Wait a few days, and she might now send you another text.

I hope this advice helped. If you want more free advice on how to get your
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