How to Win Back the Girl You Love

Sometimes you lose the girl that is most important to you. Before
people break up, they often believe love is enough to make it work.
However, sometimes stress creeps into your life and it leads to
fighting and bad vibes that ruin a relationship. If you want to learn
how to win back the girl you love, this video will be an eye opener.

Know Your Value

The most common mistake that I see is guys who beg to their girlfriends
right after getting dumped. (Don’t do this!)

Think about it. You didn’t beg to make her your girlfriend – and
you still got her. So don’t plead for her attention. Instead, be a
magnet to her attention by working on yourself and making yourself
ATTRACTIVE. This is more likely to get her back than begging.

I can already hear you say: but how do I become more attractive?

Step 1: Limit Your Attention On Her

The faster you focus your thoughts on other things, the faster you
start to get over a break up. Easier said than done, I know. But
it’s true. Giving her the same attention shows her that nothing
has changed and, therefore, she won’t get that feeling of wanting
you back. That’s why it is essential that you stop contacting her
completely. This is a rehab to “detox” your mind of negativity and
rebuild your self-esteem. In addition, giving her less attention makes
you less available and more attractive.

Whatever You Do, Focus and Stay Consistent

If you are trying to work on yourself, focus your mind on that and
don’t break habit! If you ignore her one day, but revert to begging
her back the other day, it ruins everything.

Once she gets that “missing you” feeling, she’ll start to want you
back. When the time comes, you won’t need to force her to come back,
because she will seek you to fill the gap in her life. The gap left
by you. She’ll even believe that getting back together is entirely
her idea!

A Little Bit of Class Goes a Long Way

Sometimes you might bump into her at a public place. No need for bad
feelings. Hating only suggests insecurities.

Consider her a good friend you haven’t seen in a while. Smile and
interact with her casually. If you are still in the no-contact phase,
it’s ok to interact a little, but be sure to cut it short with a
good bye and a smile. Keep it light, but don’t linger.

Don’t Try to Make Her Jealous on Purpose

Once again, trying to make someone feel bad only suggests an insecurity.
Remember to not be a hater or a troll. Catch yourself in the act when
you are hating for the sole purpose of making yourself feel better.

Re-Establish Contact

Don’t expect your ex gf to want you back immediately. Trust has to
build on its own. Start off slow and concentrate on being friends.
Send her a few texts and have a fun playful conversation before
asking her to meet you. You can’t be friends one day and suddenly
ask her out the next. Take it easy. Give her space and let trust
build. Soon you’ll get to the point where her old feelings come back.
It’ll be hard for her to ignore you.

Taking these steps take you through the process of getting your ex
back the right way. Have patience, don’t beg, and let her come to you.

If you’re serious about getting back your girl, this video will show you
exactly how to win back the girl you love.

However, you have to be 100% certain that you want her in your arms again.
If you want her back just cause you have a sense of loss (and don’t really love her),
then I don’t recommend you apply the strategies in the video. You’ll just end
up hurting her and that’s just mean.

100% certain that you want her to be in your arms again, then you should
watch this video.

However, if you just want to get her back because you have a sense of loss,
then I don’t recommend you apply the techniques that are revealed there.

Because if you do apply the strategies taught to you and you end up thinking you don’t
want to be with her, you’re going to really be a jerk because you will break her heart
even more. Whatever you decide, I wish the best for you.