I Need My Ex Girlfriend Back

Hey, Frankie here.
In this short article I’m going to reveal to you some powerful ways
to make yourself feel better (and more attractive) to your ex (and other girls too).

Breaking up with your girlfriend is a painful experience that not
only hurts your confidence and ego, but takes away the emotional
support of the girl you were sharing your life with. It can be
devastating in multiple ways. If you’re telling yourself “I need my
ex girlfriend back,” then you are probably feeling this way right now.

If so, don’t panic, I will guide you through some powerful techniques
that help you recover and give you the best chance of getting her back.

Working Out Makes You Feel Better

You might not be clinically depressed, but I’m sure you are going
through some degree of loneliness. Building up a sweat and getting
your heart pumping releases endorphins that naturally elevate your

Start a work-out habit. Join a gym, play a pick-up sport, or
develop a running routine.

Secondly, getting fit will attract the attention of more girls
(including your ex). It shows your ex girlfriend that the break-up
didn’t faze you. This is critical because no girl will want to get
back with a guy that is emotionally crippled.

Focus Your Mind on Personal Improvement

Get your life in order. Focus on improvements all across the board.
Occupy your mind with school, work, hobbies, friends, and other girls.
It may not be what you want to do right now – but I encourage you
to try it out. Occupying your mind with other things is a powerful
way to take your mind off your ex girlfriend.

In addition, being competent in other things in your life will
elevate your self-confidence. This is key for male sex appeal.
Every girl loves a confident man that succeeds in whatever he
wishes. The more success you have, the more confidence that brings,
and the more attractive you’ll be to your ex girlfriend.

Figure Out What Went Wrong

This is when you ask yourself: “What went wrong in this relationship?”

Did you cheat on your ex? Did she cheat on you? Were you too clingy?
Did you argue too much? Was there an alcohol problem? It is
essential that you figure this part out before you ever approach
your ex again.

Get help from friends, family, or a professional counselor. You
MUST convince your ex girlfriend that you are worth it. She doesn’t
want to go back to something that is going to fall apart eventually.

Feel Comfortable When Interacting With Her

When you interact with your ex in a social setting, make an effort
to have fun. This gives a vibe of comfortable and interesting as
opposed to awkward and boring. Being fun and exciting can bring
back the attraction your ex girlfriend felt for you.

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All the best,