What to do When You Want Your Ex Girlfriend Back After a Break Up

It’s very common to want your ex girlfriend back. It is usually when
you lose someone that you realize the true worth of that person.

Since you’re reading this, you’re looking for answers. You want to
know what to do when you want your ex girlfriend back after a break up.

You are wondering about what went wrong, how this could happen, and
how can you get her back. In this article you’ll find the answer to
those questions, and you’ll learn what steps to take to get your girl back.

Owning up to your mistakes is important!

Sometimes mistakes happen, they lead to a big fight, and a couple
breaks up. It’s unfortunate because it didn’t need to happen. It
only happened because of a petty misunderstanding. It’s time to look
past your ego and go for what you want. What can be better than
clearing the air and being with the person who makes you happy and
gives meaning to your life?

A few days or weeks after the break up is when you start regretting. You
start to miss her. Your anger and ego has now faded away. There is no
more reason to fight and it might not make sense why you broke up in
the first place.

If you’re going through this situation. Do you feel that breaking up
with your girlfriend is the worst decision you’ve ever made? Do you
think you made a big problem out of something small? Maybe it was
something that could have been solved with a simple discussion.
But it avalanched into your break up and now you want your ex girlfriend back.

If you answered “yes” to those questions, I applaud you for it.
You have owned up to your mistakes and have passed the first test.

Make sure you don’t only think about your mistakes, but learn the
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Getting Her Back After The Break Up – Step 1

However badly you might want to do it, your very first step is to
avoiding contacting your ex girlfriend in any way. No texting. No
calling. No emailing. Don’t ask her friends about how she is – just

When you’re learning what to do when you want your ex girlfriend
back after a break up, no-contact will always be the first step.

Now, think about who you were at the time you both met. You were
probably fine with your own life. You had your own job, friends,
and hobbies. Go back and get those things going again just like
before you met your ex girlfriend.

Given your sad emotional state, you might only feel like sitting
in your couch waiting for the phone to ring – don’t do this.

Make an effort to spend time with friends and family. It’ll put
a smile on your face. Hang out with the people who make you feel
good about yourself. I promise it’ll be worth it.

After a while, your ex girlfriend might wonder why you haven’t
called her or contacted her in any way. She will now worry about you.

When this happens, you aren’t there yet – but it’s a good start.

Think about it – your ex worrying implies she still cares about you
in some way.

So the big lesson is:

1. Right after the break-up, stop contacting your ex gf (in any way).

2. Focus on what’s happening inside yourself.

If you are serious about improving yourself, then learn the secret
that will make you incredibly desirable to your ex girlfriend
(without you doing much effort on your part) and have her begging
to want you again.

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I must warn you though, you really have to be sure you REALLY want
your ex back for good. Because if you do apply the strategies in the
video and then end up thinking you don’t want your ex gf back anymore,
you’re going to be a jerk because you’ll make her fall in love with you
for nothing.

I hope you make the right choice.

All the best,